Full House Lottery

Cause Videos


Every year Full House Lottery‘s ticket sales raise funds towards advanced medical research and equipment for Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and University Hospital Foundation.

Calder Bateman, Full House Lottery’s administrator and communications agency, asked us to help produce two videos focused on bringing awareness to how lottery ticket sales directly help Alberta patients. Realizing that there’s no better way to hear how the lottery helps than from patients themselves, Calder Bateman’s team wanted to arrange for patients to meet with lottery ticket buyers to thank them for their contributions—and capture all of it on video.

Working alongside Calder Bateman’s team and our two patients Kara and Kristen, we hit the road and started knocking on doors. Our video team’s biggest challenge was to ensure we captured candid and authentic interactions between patients and buyers, while working with a multi-cam crew within tight spaces. Through careful planning, location scouting, and equipment selection, our execution was seamless.

The result? A heart-warming and rewarding experience for everyone involved. For Kara and Kristen, it was an amazing opportunity to share their stories with some of Full House Lottery’s supporters. For the buyers, it was an enlightening experience to see first-hand how their lottery tickets directly benefit critically-ill Alberta patients. And for our team, we were able to capture some incredibly authentic and emotional footage.

Knowing that we needed to tug on some emotions in the videos, we approached piecing them together with a focus on emotional storytelling. We then worked with Calder Bateman’s team to ensure timely completion for TV broadcast and pre-roll distribution.