Full House + CB

Full house, full hearts

Client: Calder Bateman

 Project: Full House Gives

 Timeline: 2017 & 2018

About Full House Lottery

Alberta’s biggest home lottery, raising $73 million in the past 23 years for the Royal Alexandra Hospital and University Hospital Foundations.

1. The Challenge

To shoot a sequence in real-time that would accurately and fully capture raw, authentic emotions from a thoughtfully diverse cast. 

Because this shoot would have a sort of rugged, on-the-go feel as our crew filmed both in moving vehicles and inside the homes of featured ticket-buyers, we had to prepare ourselves for everything from frigid weather conditions (we’re talking -30 plus windchill) to space and lighting limitations of unfamiliar homes.

Working with Calder Bateman’s team, we had to strategically select the featured ticket-buyers to ensure the most engaging emotional response possible. The challenge however, was finding those who were ready and willing to allow a film crew into the privacy of their homes to share an intimate moment.

2. The Idea

To build off of the success of last year’s videos.

Our team along with Calder Bateman wanted to pick up where we left off, featuring real patients, sharing personal stories of the ways in which the generosity of ticket-buyers of the Full House Lottery (FHL) had impacted their lives. 

A priority this year was to tell a bigger, broader story of the impact that the Full House Lottery has had over the last 25 years. The idea was to feature a diverse range of ticket-buyers to create a sense of the longevity of FHL’s impact.

Because these videos would be displayed on several different platforms including broadcast, web and social media, our deliverables would consist of;

2 x 2 min. videos for web distribution

4 x 30 sec. cuts (PSA and non-PSA versions)

4 x 15 sec. cuts (PSA and non-PSA versions)

3. The Approach

To secure the most suitable cast for the desired results as well as ensuring our team was prepared for the unpredictable.

As it was our second year producing this sort of content for the Full House Lottery, our approach would remain relatively similar. We were confident in the framework of what this project should look like which allowed us to enter into it with great ease. With an incredible crew, we felt strongly in our ability to setup each shot without disrupting the natural flow of the encounter. However, always looking for new opportunities for growth in each project, our approach this year would involve building on success measures to ensure the widest reach possible of the final product. Given the fact that our previous videos had **x duration** long runs on broadcast television, we wanted to maximize this exposure to the best of our abilities. This would mean continuing to work with Calder Bateman to track the analytics of our videos.

BTS of our shoot in 2017 with Kristin and her family, visiting ticket buyer families and sharing her story.

4. The Results

In terms of reach, these videos succeeded across both online and broadcast platforms. 

Based on analytics, our 2017 Full House Lottery videos generated the following numbers;


Online distribution mainly took place on Facebook and gained a reach of over 60,000. People interacted a lot with our content given the emotional appeal we were able to capture, also giving us well over 450 reactions.


The experience proved to be that much more successful in that each ticket-buyer appeared genuinely moved by their visit with our patients. Being able to connect the dots and see how their money spent has personally affected someone’s life brought about a well of emotions. It was a touching few days of shooting that really showcased how generous and compassionate Edmontonians can be.

5. The Creative

Below are two samples of the videos that we produced for the 2017 Full House Lottery.

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