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Client: Edmonton Tourism

Project: You Think You Know Edmonton

Timeline: 2014-2017

About Edmonton Tourism

Edmonton Tourism is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Edmonton, Alberta and all that our lovely city has to offer!

1. The Challenge

To break the mold of traditional tourism videos and repetitive cliches in the industry.

Edmonton Tourism wanted to challenge that mold, but in order to do so, they had to take a look towards a change in brand tone. The guiding principals of change were to tell more authentic stories while branding our city as an experience told from its people’s point of view.

However, creating a video series can get expensive, and it requires a lot of planning. This meant that they needed to find a partner that can help them not only to produce high quality content, but to also ensure the process can be repeatable and affordable. 

2. The Idea

To create a video series that was representative of the passionate people who call Edmonton home.

What was initially meant to be a few videos has since spanned to a campaign of 65+ visually engaging videos that highlight the people of our city, sharing an authentic and unique story of why it is so great. This video series would serve to promote some of the best locations, sights and experiences that Edmonton has to offer.

A key component while recording these videos was also to tackle the creation of a robust video footage database for Edmonton Tourism content. This content would have been incredibly expensive to generate otherwise. Not only were we able to create the video series, we also built a video library that has become pivotal to Edmonton Tourism’s efforts in countless projects.

3. The Approach

To learn first-handedly what Edmontonians feel makes their city so great by connecting with the public.

To find these people and stories,  Edmonton Tourism’s team took to social media to ask, “What hidden gems do we need to highlight?” Once we had those ideas, we were able to shoot a video in 2 days, edit in 2 weeks, and deliver our client multiple cuts depending on what platform the content was going to be shown on.

This idea allowed a much easier and authentic way to source ideas and materials. It also created a strong sense of ownership over the content we were creating.

Edmonton Tourism ALTO Awards

The Edmonton Tourism team receiving the Alto Award 2017.

4. The Results

In terms of reach, this video series has seen a combined total viewership of over +2.5 million views across Facebook and YouTube alone. While it was primarily produced for social media distribution, this series has also been distributed province wide through: Broadcast, Hotels, the Edmonton Airport, Rogers Place, Cineplex locations, and Tims TV.

This video content has also been captioned in other languages like Chinese and Dutch, as the city seeks to establish a strong tourism reputation in key foreign markets.

Edmonton Tourism has received multiple awards and recognition for our collaboration on this series, some of those awards include:

IABC Capital Awards, 2 prizes awarded for Digital Communication and Social Media Programs.

CAMP Awards, Amongst the top 3 finalists for Video Marketing.

Alto Awards, Winner in the $10-$50K Marketing Excellence category.

5. The Creative

Below are three samples of some of the videos that we produced for Edmonton Tourism. To dive deeper into our full portfolio, visit Explore Edmonton’s YouTube page

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