We are an Edmonton video company

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Our Mission

To help our clients achieve organizational goals using video.


Our Vision

Striving to create outstanding videos that aim to inspire and motivate audiences around the globe.

Our Values

We are a team built from a common passion for cinematography. That is what drives us every day, a joint quest of constant learning and pushing the boundaries of our medium. We know it makes all the difference in the world when you can count on someone to have your back, which is why we also strive to inject these values into everything we do.


Working with deadlines in a creative industry is tricky business. That’s why we have rigorous processes in place that help us stay on track and deliver on our promises. This comes naturally with experience (and lots of coffee).


Video making is an incredibly rapid-evolving industry so we are proactive learners who keep up with the latest tech and filmmaking techniques. This helps us make effective, modern-looking, stunning videos.


Every one in our team takes so much pride in their work! We are so obsessed with making great videos that we strive to make each one the best one yet. When our clients or viewers replay our videos, it makes our day.


We live by the motto of ‘everything to get the shot’. And that extends to any aspect of the video production process. We love problem-solving so much that there are few things better than a good curveball to get us going.


We value and respect the relationships we build with our clients. That is why we will always work with you to understand your needs and make the production of your videos a fun and inspiring experience.


We want to be leaders in our industry, not just in Edmonton, but across Canada. We work hard every day to collaborate with the best in the industry and to always improve as people and a business.

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