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Does your video have structure?

Tips & Tricks

Telling stories is as old as time itself. Hieroglyphics on monuments in ancient Egypt were used to tell stories through symbols etched […]

best ad campaigns

Best Video Ad Campaigns of 2017; Our 5 Favourites

Case Studies, Curated Content

Who doesn’t enjoy a good binge watching session on YouTube? One of those were the next thing you know is that you are a couple […]

5 tips and tools to help your pre-production process

Behind the Scenes, Tips & Tricks

It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And that couldn’t be more true then when you get on set for […]

5 Inspiring Videos that Will Smash Your Creative Roadblock

Curated Content

Lets face it, being a creative is a love/hate relationship. As a creative you’ve been given a gift to, well, create. It’s […]

Sony FS7 II

4 Must-Have Accessories for Your Sony FS7 II Camera

Gear & Tech

The Sony PXW-FS7 II is an amazing camera—our go-to kit for most of our video production work, and one that we happily own in-house. […]

5 Locations to film in Alberta for your next shoot

Curated Content

No matter what you’re shooting,  Alberta offers many backdrops to get the right look when filming your next production. The province […]

5 Simple DIY Projects for Video Production

Tips & Tricks

“Can we do it ourselves?” Video production is rapidly changing and we know we’re not the only ones asking ourselves […]


7 Things You Should Look for When Choosing Video Production Companies


With dozens of video production companies and hundreds of freelance video producers, it can be tough to pick the best one for your […]

5 Essential tips to boost your YouTube SEO

Tips & Tricks, Uncategorized

Amazing, you are done making your video, time to upload it to YouTube and let that view count explode! If it only were that easy. I […]


11 Picture Perfect Edmonton Locations for Your Next Video/Photo Shoot

Curated Content

One of the challenges in filmmaking and photography is finding those ideal shooting locations where you can acquire the most unique […]


13 Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Were Born In Alberta

Curated Content

Everyone always knows the names of the stars when they’re famous. You constantly hear about the happenings in their lives […]


8 Filmmaking Blogs You Should Be Bookmarking Today

Curated Content

It seems there’s been an explosion of new sources of filmmaking help sites in recent years. To help you filter through the […]

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