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5 Essential tips to boost your YouTube SEO

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Amazing, you are done making your video, time to upload it to YouTube and let that view count explode! If it only were that easy. I […]


11 Picture Perfect Edmonton Locations for Your Next Video/Photo Shoot

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One of the challenges in filmmaking and photography is finding those ideal shooting locations where you can acquire the most unique […]


13 Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Were Born In Alberta

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Everyone always knows the names of the stars when they’re famous. You constantly hear about the happenings in their lives […]


8 Filmmaking Blogs You Should Be Bookmarking Today

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It seems there’s been an explosion of new sources of filmmaking help sites in recent years. To help you filter through the […]

the sun

Expert Tips for Using Natural Light When Shooting Video

Tips & Tricks

The sun can be a cinematographer’s best friend or worst nightmare. Learning to harness its power can make or break your video project. […]

Movies TV series filmed in Edmonton and Alberta

7 Amazing Big-budget Movies & Series Filmed in Alberta

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Growing up in Alberta we sometimes forget how fortunate we are to be surrounded by so many beautiful landscapes.  It’s funny to […]


5 Incredible Sources for Music in Your Video Production

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Beautiful composition, gorgeous cinematography, a perfect story. These are all nothing if the audio quality is poor and made even […]

YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

5 Awesome YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

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At Cineflair we are huge fans of YouTube and the many content creators putting out high quality content on a weekly basis. Below are […]

video shoots

How We Prepare Equipment for Video Shoots

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Do you have everything you need before heading out for video shoots? Do you need absolutely every piece of equipment for your shoot […]


Must-Know Tips for Staying Warm When Winter Shooting

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Getting ‘cold feet’ about winter shooting? Warm up with these tips. Gloves and Boots Your hands and feet tend to get the least blood […]


9 Great Cloud Apps For Video Teams

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Cloud-based apps are increasingly enabling video teams to get their planning work done faster and better. Below is a list of nine apps […]

Sony A7s Camera

Sony A7s Camera Test Shots

Gear Reviews

Took out my new Sony A7s camera for its first field test. I must say, it was a real pleasure working with this beast (although […]